Saturday, June 19, 2021

Nepotism, Marginalization: Many Reasons Why Igbos  Want Biafra

We all see  that the Igbo agitation for Biafra is stronger than ever before and Igbos in Nigeria with all their potentials and talents have been ignored and marginalized, we have smart and intelligent people in Igbo land but because of the Igbo hate in Nigeria they chose to suppress us, Nigeria would have been a military power house if they had  lowed their pride to learn from the engineers that built for Ojukwu during the Nigerian civil war, those marvelous Igbo engineers built wonders during the war and you ask yourself how did these people do it, under starvation and constant bombardment by the Egyptian forces Brought in by the Nigerian genocidal army. 

The Igbo people have been marginalized so badly and so openly with so much impunity, and after the war the Fulani slave that was used to kill his fellow Christian said the famous 3Rs Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation but it was a lie after the war the government abandoned the Igbos, they built no roads or schools or industries, they did nothing I mean absolutely nothing for the Igbos after the war, everything you see in Igbo land today was built by the Igbo people with no federal help.

The marginalization was so bad that they denied them a sea port or international airport and the Igbos are the largest importers and travelers in Nigeria, they disregarded federal character in appointments, they kept Igbos away from the army, all these and many more have been going on until the bigot in Chief buhari was elected by those who do not know history in fact to install this failure his brothers had to invite their fellow fulanis from the sahel to vote and we all know the buhari government gave rise to the full Igbo/biafra agitation because he was doing it with impunity and it was even clear for even the blind man to see.

I read a news saying the fulani led government recruited candidates in NAMA and half are from katsina, no federal character and the constitution  was disregarded , They removed the MD of NPA  and put in another person from the North, They retired the man that was supposed to be the police chief only to put someone from the North ,I have many  proofs and reasons why the igbos want biafra those I listed are just afew.

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