Friday, June 25, 2021

 Nairaland The Ajegunle Of  Social Media Platforms

First I would say do we really hate each other on Nairaland like it appears to be? We see how Igbos and Yorubas fight but if you notice it has reduced a lot because of the Yoruba nation and now our focus is on the Fulanis, if you know me you would know I write about the Fulanis and Ijaws and even the Yorubas and Igbos, my keypad spares no one even if you are Kanu or Uwazurike or Sunday Igboho, I say it the way it is, I don't beat around the Bush.

I must confess Nairaland is a military camp that would turn you into a battle-ready keyboard warrior. Lol, people are calmer on Facebook and Twitter, but on Nairaland they would eat you alive because you do not see the face of the person replying you, and most times you are mostly replying a 16yr old. Lol. 

With the training I have gotten from Nairaland I can face anyone on Twitter or Facebook even without blinking, I would destroy you if you bring your stupidity near me.

On nairaland you find all manner of crazies, lol. The ones that like shouting Afonja, the ones that shout hydraulic soup, the ones that shout cone head, the ones that shout flatino, the Tinubu and Buhari supporters, we now have the Igbo haters and then the Jews haters and then the Hitler lovers, Ipob and Biafra lovers,women don't do politics on nairaland,it is too hot for them but you see them on twitter talking about politics,why because nairaland is military.

Nairaland is a place where one person can have multiple personalities because in real life some people can't openly support Buhari but you see them supporting him on nairaland

Nairaland mods are not left out as well as they are notorious for bias,they support some and don't support some, they are like the Nigerian army that supports the Fulanis, you get insulted and they won't ban the person that insulted you but once you reply bam they ban you. Lol and infact they might even ban this write up on nairaland,but they cant ban it from google,bing, Facebook and Twitter

We have the ladies on nairaland they never date on nairaland because the boys are crazy and they can expose you, remember the same people on nairaland are the same people on Twitter and Facebook

Just like Ajegunle, u can't find any ajebutter on nairaland we are all pako and battle-ready willing to use our keyboard to remove your head. Lol

I ask are we really enemies and can we keep all we type aside on nairaland and become friends? Well for me I write the truth and nothing but the truth, I could be friends with fulanis and ijaws but we must have our different countries, not in this present Nigeria.

To my fellow nairaland militants I know you have your keyboard ready to type below this write up. Lol. I am ready because we all got trained by the same commander called nairaland.

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