Friday, June 25, 2021

 Yoruba nation: Thank God For Opening The Eyes Of  The Yorubas

I was watching a video on Koiki media a man I respect and they were hunting for Fulani killers after they killed almost 39 people at the village in Ibarapa a place where I call the birthplace of freedom because that was where it all started from and I want you Yorubas to build a monument there once you get your freedom because that was the prayer mountain which God used to set his people free.

If you still don't believe this is real then you are living in denial, people just don't understand the Fulanis they are deadly coward fighters with no mercy and I think those people use drugs before they go on those Missions, they love to murder people in their sleep, that is their tactics and they are good at it.

I have always said that Yorubas are the only ones still keeping us in this slavery, the day they decide to break free, Nigeria must break because the Fulanis can't fight on both fronts and I know they would bring in foreign fighters from Mali because no Igbo or Yorubas or middle belt man would fight with the Fulanis

I am always happy when I see real Yorubas speak and not the Omo ales supporting the Fulanis, while watching the video my heart was filled with joy and I am happy the Yorubas finally are awake, the voices I heard in the background of the video gave me tears of joy, we are not going back on this journey and I tell people if you like to make Peter obi president we would still ask for Biafra.

I wrote about it here, Nigeria is already on extra time and this country must break so we can all be free, just today I was reading where the reps say they can't scrap the 1999 constitution and I said to myself if they can scrap the 1963 constitution why can't they scrap this fake constitution cooked for us by Fulani men and this is why they don't want to change  it and I want them to know that we are not backing down and we want total freedom

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