Sunday, June 6, 2021

Niger Delta Tribes: Open Letter To  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Hello Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Can I call you Ikemba the second? I hope this little note of mine finds you well first as a Lagos Igbo, lol, I know you like you to abuse us, lol, we are not all like Joe Ibokwe, I was born and raised in Lagos and I am real Yoruba,/Igbo Street born even though I was born into a Middle-class family, I was born in Ikeja the heart of Lagos, truth is at first I never agreed with you and even till now I still disagree with you in some subject matters but never on our right for self-defense and Biafra I would never disagree with you on that never ever, we must be free and we must achieve Biafra and many people don't just understand it is Biafra or death.

I want you to know that the number of non-ipob members has increased to millions, trust me when I tell you this, the main ones are the silent underground ones that are seeing and following what is happening after all God used you from nowhere to fight for Biafra and not the big names like we were always hoping for and I am at the forefront of taking the fight to Lagos and Abuja igbos still living in denial.

We as brothers can disagree but I would never support the Fulani against my brothers or Igbos, after Biafra, we as brothers can sit down and talk and iron out our differences and it pains me to my bones when I see Igbos talking down on Biafra and I am not surprised the man who put us in this mess did the same Nnamdi Azikiwe, regardless they are our brothers.

I have written articles here asking if we can build a port at onicha and many of our brothers with marine intelligence responded that we can and it is possible, I wrote another article here reminding us of who we are, we are Igbos the greatest tribe in Africa and one of the greatest in the world as I said before our only competition in Africa are the Yorubas, we are getting embarrassed by some tribes in the south south I am smart enough to know that there is nothing like Niger delta or south south we just have tribes in that region and not all tribes there hate Igbos and I wrote another article here about it

I listened to your last broadcast a few days ago when you touched on the so-called Niger delta issue and why you want them in Biafra and I say to you majority of Igbos disagree and if you doubt let us have a referendum and ask Igbos if they want just 5states or they want others, we are tired of this daily humiliation by some tribes in the Niger delta and I say enough is enough we must not make the mistakes of our forefathers, I ask you now to change your policy or we shall conduct a referendum to ask Igbos if they want 5states or not, why must we keep begging people that don't want us? If Ojukwu knew that they won't be on our side during the war we would have defended imo river instead of Port Harcourt.

I want you to know that we are Igbos and there is nothing we can't do, we have oil and gas in Igbo land and we can connect to the Atlantic sea what are we waiting for and I know you love our people in those states like delta and rivers state, but for now let us focus on 5 states and remember we have a natural buffer on our borders and trust me watch what will happen when we get our 5 states our brothers in those states would fight by themselves to join us because we are brothers, I don't expect Igbos in delta to go with Ijaws never, we need something first, remember we have access to the sea from our Igbo speaking part of delta.

If China can build an island in the South China Sea why can't we, remember we are Igbos and we have the money and even if we don't we can take a loan and get it done and be free, our navy can anchor on the Atlantic and sail freely to onicha, we must not wait for anyone anymore, I wrote about Biafran navy here

We are Igbos we have the brains, you would see how others would rush and join us and they would have the guarantee of the same right we enjoy as Igbos because I want a Biafra built on humans rights, equal rights, rule of law, strong institutions, no police carrying ak47 on the streets, nepotism should be a crime in Biafra, this is my dream and hope for Biafra.

You must summon Biafrans with knowledge of geography and Biafran engineers to start drawing out a plan we should stop wasting too much time because I am sick and tired of Nigeria and remember I was born in Lagos and I have a property in Lagos but my need for my own country is very important and even though I was born in Lagos I am Still seen as an Omo Nna and remember just like the jews Israel is the only place where they are free and Biafra is the only place where Igbos can truly be free.

please conduct a referendum or we will ask Igbos if they want 5 states or not, I already conducted an online referendum and the support was massive, Igbos voted in favor of 5states for now, we need this so we would know whom we are fighting. 

Thank you for your time and may the Lord continue to protect you for us and as I have always said only Nnamdi Kanu has the blessings of the gods now and if the gods leave him we shall know but for now, ride on Mazi, and may the spirits of our 1967 heroes be with you, tears is falling down my eyes while typing these last lines. Damn. #wehshallbefree.

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