Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Break Up: Nigeria Loan From China Who Would Pay

We all see the way Buhari is borrowing money from China and everywhere he can lay his hands on, the man is borrowing from dead peoples account and dormant account, who gave Buhari this right? What has Nigeria ever done for me? Nothing, so you have no right to touch the money I worked so hard for because many people abroad have dormant accounts, Buhari said they have been borrowing from recovered looted funds and they claim to have recovered billions so if you have why do you need to borrow money from China and who would pay.

If you are in Nigeria you can feel it hear or see what is going on, the country is crashing and the country would surely break and nothing is going to stop Nigeria from breaking because the Fulanis have milked the country dry, and in case you don't know NNPC is broke so I ask who would repay all these loans when Nigeria breaks.

Well, it is simple and for those in the North jubilating over the train or whatever well, it is not free Igbo oil money or free Ondo oil money or free Niger delta tribes oil money, when Nigeria breaks Igbos would pay the equivalent of investment we got with that money, or do you expect us to pay for trains built in your region? Impossible, Buhari only shot himself in the foot

 Igbos would not pay back what we did not enjoy after all Buhari called us 5% and he never invested in our region and if you think you can use our money to build rail to Niger your home country and you want us to pay back the loan then you must be a dreamer, we are watching and we are seeing what is going on, we would only pay back wetin we chop according to how we say it in Nigeria which simply means we would only vomit what we ate

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