Thursday, June 10, 2021

Nigerian Government And The Radicalization Of  Her Youths

I am a peace-loving man and I hate injustice, death, and carnage because I believe we have one life to live and we should enjoy it.

But the Buhari government single-handedly radicalized the Nigeria youth, this internet age made our eyes clear and open to see the corruption and nepotism going on, these same people have been in power controlling the affairs of Nigeria, with over 60yrs of joining Nigeria together by the British we have no stable electricity for 60yrs, this same crop of people have run Nigeria to the ground.

As an Igbo man I am a Biafra by blood even if I was born in Yoruba nation, we the youth have seen the scam called Nigeria where an Igbo or Yoruba man can never be the minister of the FCT Abuja, why is it called FCT? Is it not supposed to be for everyone and tribe? FCT is not a personal state so there should be federal character as it is in the Nigerian constitution.

How come the region that has the highest number of importers have no seaport of their own and in fact, they have no international airport of their own.

Nigerians are fed up and this was why people came out to protest against the government through the end sars movement, it was not just about sars it was a built-up frustration by years of corruption among the political class of Nigeria

As much as I believe in peace I still think we the people should be allowed to defend ourselves let's face it the Nigerian government only responds to force, how did Boko haram start? Did you see the way they killed unarmed Shia and Ipob members don't take my Words for it , watch the video yourself.

I make bold to say that Nigeria is a failed state and should have never been joined together by the British, even Danjuma said it protect yourself because the Nigerian army works with the Fulani killers, the Nigerian government must know that they can not win another civil war so it would be better to call for a referendum and we can break in peace.

If you doubt me follow what is going on in Ambazonia, the British did the same thing they did to Nigeria if Britain can grant a referendum to the Irish why can't it be done in Nigeria peacefully but guess what the Nigerian  Government would never negotiate if you are weak because history tells us that.

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