Saturday, June 12, 2021

 Nnamdi Kanu and his South-South stubbornness

As you all know I have written an open letter to Nnamdi Kanu and I will email it to him as well but before that, I conducted an online referendum on Facebook to see how many Igbos would vote and to be honest when I saw his tweet about going with South-south first thing that came out of my mouth was this guy no day hear  word, yea that's what I said, is it that people close to Kanu don't talk to him? Because I don't understand where this stubbornness is coming from, must we still make the mistakes of Nnamdi Azikiwe again? Or are you not reading the lips of some tribes in the Niger delta like the Ijaw tribe? These people don't want us let us leave them alone,

I wrote about the benefits of 5 states here and I wrote about access to sea here I already figured it out that these people don't want us and they will only put us down, I wrote about the ijaws don't want freedom here and it is clear and obvious, didn't you see akpabio carry dollars in Ghana must to go give those militants if they want freedom they won't take that money or they take it and then ask for ijaw nation. Buhari said and I quote, we have been assured by elders and youths in the south south that they won't go with the Igbos, you think they have not been paid? make you get sense na,this is 1967 all over again

I think it is high time tribes not in support of Biafra should tell Nnamdi Kanu to his face maybe then he would believe, we can't keep on playing these games and we keep on running round in circles and remember my brothers and sisters are dying, see we can take 5 states and have a non-aggression pact with the Niger delta tribes so that they would sure we won't attack them because we already have freedom Of navigation to onicha and the pact would include that they won't allow the Fulanis attack Igbo land from their territory and if they do it would be an act of war.

I am so sad and unhappy that I can't even type, I am just sick and tired of this time-wasting, we have oil and gas and we have access to the sea what else are we waiting for? we are not leaving our brothers they can join us later and by then we can have a referendum to ask them if they want to Join our 5 states or not, we need to have something at hand before we can fight for them, I rest my case but maybe not,lol

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