Sunday, June 27, 2021

 Nnamdi Kanu The Only Man That Pierces The Heart of Fulanis

This name I mentioned above is the name the Fulanis fear the most, forget Sunday Igboho for now, Fulanis fear Kanu like mad, they remember Ojukwu and they see the Ojukwu spirit in Kanu like they did In 1967 and this is why they are peeing in their pants, and they know this time Igbos would be victorious because this is 2021

Fulanis always love to play dirty I have written a lot about them, go here and type the word Fulani on the search bar and you can read and educate yourself, I talked about how Fulani used everyone and they saw Kanu a man like ojukwu that they could not use.

Nnamdi Kanu never collected money from the Fulanis and this is why he didn't stop agitating for Biafra and that was why the Fulanis wanted to kill him, yes they tried, and they ended up killing 28 people at Kanu's house.

They know the hell they went through in 1967 and ojukwu refused to back down until they used food as a weapon, this is why Fulanis fear Igbos because of what we did to them in 1967, we showed them the Igbo spirit and that spirit has been awoken again and Fulanis prayed that this day would never come and that is why did they everything to suppress the Biafran story and because of Biafra we didn't learn history.

You see them celebrating armed forces remembrance day but they would not talk about Biafra, please which other war did Nigeria fight if not Biafra? it is for their men that died during the Biafran war let it sink in.

They know Ipob can't be bought over and before you talk I am not a member and if Kanu takes bribe to forget the Biafran struggle Ipob would throw him from a building and Kanu can't even dare, Biafra is more than Kanu, Biafra is life Biafra is freedom, don't mess with it, why do you think Igbos downed themself in the USA instead of slavery, Igbos are freeborn and they detest slavery, this agitation won't stop until Biafra is free and Kanu is the man we need or we need someone more radical than Kanu

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