Wednesday, June 23, 2021

 Nnamdi Kanu Stop Bringing Insults Upon The Igbos

I am really pissed while typing this I was reading an article that says Igala is not part of Biafra and I ask wetin concern Igbos with Igalas? Which simply means what business does the Igbos have with the igala people? I mean this is getting annoying already, I have written articles telling Igbos to focus on 5 states and you people are hell-bent on adding people that don't want you, I mean when will you people receive sense? I want a Biafra with 5 Igbo States, I support the Ibom Republic and I support the Ijaw nation or Urhobo nation, I really don't want to use abusive words on my people. I wrote to Nnamdi Kanu here and I wrote about the benefits of 5 states here and I wrote here about our access to the sea and I wrote a petition here as well

IPOB and some Igbos should stop making a mockery of the greatest tribe in Africa what is wrong with you people? Are you sure you alright in the head? You people are just deceiving Igbos and you are not ready for Biafra, now open your eyes and read


Look at the insults Igbos are getting because of Nnamdi Kanu and some Igbos

Username: Ekpeiti.. These Biafra people are completely useless, they have no shame and no sense of pride as a people.

They are the only tribe that are scared to stand alone.

These people are looking for attachment everywhere, begging everyone from South South to South West and now Middle Belt ,Chai- which kind people be dis?

I suggest they attach with the Fulanis,they will be a good match.( Too tribes that are always making noise and looking for trouble)

Shame on Biafra people,everywhere they go people reject them.

Nobody likes them because they're criminals

This is so annoying and embarrassing, to say the least, why do you fools allow these other tribes to insult us like this, we need to have some pride and dignity, Nnamdi Kanu the way you are going you will make the gods leave you like they did Uwazurike, someone that supports 5states would rise and fight for Igbos enough of this madness, you can't decide for all Igbos, we must have a referendum to choose what we want if we want 5 states or not, or else everything is just a scam.

Lastly, stop including people that don't want you, let us start with 5states, I mean even Igala they insult Una, what a shame, I won't say this again, Igbos wake up this is not 1967, does Kanu even have strategist around him? What kind of daily madness and insult is this?

Nnamdi Kanu People are dying and you are busy looking for Igala or what do you even call it igodomigodo to join you, look wake up or risk the Uwazurike treatment, I repeat Igbos are dying, our people died fighting for other people in 1967 we must fight for Igbos now and I am surprised that you fools still don't have sense, this same thing played out in 1967, I am really pissed because this is so so annoying we have access to the sea and we have oil and gas what are we still waiting for? Why can't we respect other people's decisions? They don't want us leave them alone.

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