Monday, June 14, 2021

 North: Nnamdi Kanu When Will You Tell Igbos To Leave

I listened to a rep member threatening the Igbos with the same thing the ikwerres did to Igbos in Port Harcourt and this brings me to the issue I wrote here and it is a shame that a man from The North would be reminding Igbos about the scars of 1967 and what they did to us and when I posted the topic about Igbos leaving the North and some were saying nothing day happen and I attached the map of Nigeria below for them to look at it again for them to remember how far they are from home and they won't just learn from history because in 1966 when Buhari and his Co officers were busy killing Igbo military officers those Igbos running from The North were ambushed and killed at Benue by the Benue people so Igbos should learn. you are been used as BAIT and that is the truth.

Look it is simple you can't eat your cake and have it, you either are for Nigeria or Biafra, you can't say you are for Biafra and you stay in the North where they hate you and be shouting Biafra are you people really OK?, I swear see what the British caused by telling the Fulanis to hide history because I am sure if we know our history we won't allow it repeat its self

A few days ago because of an attack on an onion truck the Fulanis says they won't be shipping onions to the east anymore and remember Kanu said Ipob would pay for the damage caused, but if you know the Fulanis and you are a deep thinker like me you would know that it was not about the attack it was about Biafra, remember what did Fulanis did to the Yoruba people when Sunday Igboho started they blocked food from coming to them, the problem is that we don't just learn we are too stupid to understand what is going on, they just food blockaded you and you are shouting one Nigeria this should have given you sense to chase Fulanis away from your farm and go into aggressive farming.

I see Ohaneze one of the biggest problems we have in Igbo land crying about the Fulani cabal trying to blockade the east with food and I say to those stupid old men didn't you learn from the war is Ohaneze all about barking are they not supposed to be encouraging aggressive farming in the southeast and how would day when they are always busy dining with politicians and filling their pockets, you can't have it both ways you want Biafra you need to plan we had useless leaders that are so blinded by one Nigeria these people don't love you and if you doubt me go and listen to the leaked audio between a governor in the North and the one in the west,

Just listen these people don't love you they are looking for a reason to make you suffer, so Ohaneze instead of just yapping on TV, start the groundwork from today and encourage people to farm in fact give money to people, loans with 0 interest since you eat with politicians tell them to make lands available buy tractors and make people farm and  ESN would defend them, yes you failed on that aspect as well because of your slow and foolish character Fulanis almost stopped our people from farming and now they want to stop sending onions to you, our grounds are blessed why can't we produce onions?.

After the war Igbos lacked strategy, we should have maintained our agricultural strategy and made the east grow like we did during the regionalism period but you useless politicians sold out your people for crumbles and today you are crying about onions blockade shame on you old fools, crying for onions blockade useless old fools, these people don't like you do you even reason at all, since after Ironsi was killed you have never been president does that not tell you something but you see them yapping about 2023 presidency, what is the youth wing of Ohaneze doing are you people as stupid as the elders? We need a change of regime in the youth wing we need vibrant youths with vision because this is just the beginning you are crying for just onions, just wait and see what they have in for you and you would marvel.

Someone should send the audio of the rep member threatening Igbos in Abuja to Kanu and now is time for him to tell Igbos to come back home or move else like Benue or Kogi or Yoruba land these are natural grounds and Fulanis can't harm us, enough is enough.

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