Sunday, June 20, 2021

 Obasanjo Unknown Soldier  Just Like Unknown Gunmen

Every one of us in Nigeria must have heard about UGM and we watched videos and we have seen how the people in the east were praising them and some even shouting no more zoo which means no more Nigeria, yea we all know that Nigeria is a zoo where all manner of atrocities takes place and nobody is held accountable, Nigeria is a real jungle

I am always pissed because Nigeria always fail to read and we don't know our history and if we did we would know that UGM was started by the Nigerian but then it was Unknown Soldier, my favorite musician Felas mother was killed by soldiers during the regime of Obasanjo and she was thrown from the building, such wickedness and the Obasanjo regime said it was Unknown soldiers that did it and you begin to ask how that is possible.

The Nigerian government started the UGM or Unknown soldier issue by denying that they sent soldiers to kill felas mother and guess what till today nobody has been jailed or nobody knows who killed her

So before the Nigerian government come out and start yapping about UGM in the east killing police and army officers, always remind them that they started the UGM issue when Obasanjo sent soldiers to kill felas mother and when he was asked he said it was unknown soldiers, listen to Fela below

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