Monday, June 14, 2021

Ipob: New Government In Igbo Land Shame On Igbo Leaders

I will start by saying Ipob is the government in Igbo land forget those fools occupying the government houses, these governors, senators, and the rest are totally, useless see how they make people insult us by saying governor of Ondo state is fighting for Igbos because he married an Igbo woman, the gods of Igbo land what did we do to get this current crop of useless political class of Igbos, why can't you the gods deal with those useless men who have sold their own people as slaves to the Fulanis and before you call me Ipob I am not a member of  Ipob but I am Igbo and a Biafran. 

We must blame the useless governors for the problems we are facing in Igbo land today and not Ipob and as I said Ipbo is the government we have now because those Fulani slaves called governors have failed to do their duty. 

All of them from. The obi of Onicha, senators, and governors, in those days when the people have killed the king, today's obi of  Onicha would lead or send warriors to defend his people, but today the obi is a politician and I say this because he did nothing to protect the Igbos that were killed by the Fulanis until Ipob came on board and formed ESN, the same governors did absolutely nothing. 

It is a shame that Ipob has to tell our governors to remember our people that died, what kind of useless people are these governors, why do we have to debate about remembering our people that died? What is wrong with setting one day aside for them? I am really pissed typing this and the worse part of it all these same people invited the Fulani army that killed us.

Cant you talk to your brothers, you know when Ipob started they thought they could bribe them like they bribed Massob Uwazurike but they could not and they sent the military to kill Nnamdi Kanu and in the process killed 28 people, look I don't pity any of these governors and they must know that the people are angry and their police and army guard won't save them when they people demand justice.

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