Saturday, June 5, 2021

 One Nigeria: Open Letter To The People Of Benue

First I would say to the people of Benue pick a side all your feet dragging is pissing me off or are you waiting for Fulanis to wipe you off the face of the earth, when would the spirit of your forefathers that stopped the Fulanis in 1804 enter you all, go and beg them and ask for forgiveness and they will guide you on what to do and you guys are wasting our time, pick a damn side now, are you for one Nigeria or middle belt Republic just like your son JS Tarka wanted and I know the man would be rolling in his grave now because be betrayed the people and now you people are paying the price and for those that don't know about js Tarka I wrote about him here Your inability to take a stand is pissing us off the Igbos and hopefully the Yorubas, we have to do this together and be free from this Fulani hegemony just like your forefathers wanted before Fulani deceived them.

We Igbos support you and we want you to be free and we understand that you are used by the Fulanis during the war as I have studied the Fulanis and I wrote about it here so someone like me understands although some Igbos are still angry about what you did in 1966. You killed them in Benue just close to home at least you should have allowed them to pass through, you people need to start a public campaign of apology on Twitter or Facebook and beg the spirits of those Igbos that you killed in 1966 but for me, I have forgiven you people, because I know we have a common enemy now.

We saw how the Fulanis killed Gana I wrote about it here and 2 years after killing him everything is worse some say Gana was a hero and some say he wasn't but after his death, Fulanis have been killing more and even Igbos are not spared we saw how they killed over 100 people near Benue in Ebonyi state, Gana was killed by the Fulani military aka Nigerian army and it is left for you to decide if he was a hero or not because I do not know, but I don't support killing a man that came to surrender in cold blood.

So we ask you the people of Benue form an alliance with the south and reclaim back your land and apologize to the Igbos that you killed and make it public so that all Igbos would support you with all their heart because some are still hurting from the pain of 1966, we must heal and move on.

So I tell the Benue people we are tired of this hide and seek and games, take a stand now do you want one Nigeria or you want the Middlebelt Republic and the time to speak up is now.

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