Thursday, June 24, 2021

 Open Letter To The Heads Of Nigeria Community Abroad

We all saw the show of shame that happened in Dubai and not that it has not been happening before from Italy to all over Europe and I say to those cultists how useless can you fools be? you people are disgracing Nigerians abroad with your Fulani mentality.

What is the job of the Nigerian community leader in Dubai, why can't you people call these fools to order and don't worry if they? mess up report them to the authorities and let them rot in jail, those guys are animals and they deserve to be in jail, look do your madness in Nigeria I don't care but don't take your stupidity abroad.

There are better ways of settling disputes instead of this regular show of shame, you animals have succeeded in putting a tag on us because of your stupidity, I swear you idiots don't deserve to be free you deserve to be locked up.

The most annoying part of it is that you cowards would always run away when you see the real fight, I thought your principle is to fight against oppression, how come you are not fighting the Nigerian army or police oppressing us every day or even Fulani killers, why can't you go and join ESN and fight the Fulanis and then we can take you serious.

The truth is we can't stop you animals from killing each other but do it among yourselves and not abroad, I urge the Nigerian community to meet ASAP figure out how to stop this constant show of shame, it has to stop now, settle your issues like we do in Igbo land take the issue to the elder in the community and they would take it to the oracle and the matter would be settled, I urge you animals to change from your stupidity or else death or jail awaits you

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