Thursday, June 24, 2021

 Open Letter To Professor Wole Soyinka

Hello Sir, I listened to chief Alabi I call him a master storyteller on my favorite political show in Nigeria the Edmond Obilo show,  he narrated how Aguiyi Ironsi and Adekunle Fajuyi was killed and I had chills all over my body pardon my grammar sir I am just an opinion writer and I just write my opinion and I don't have time to construct my write-ups with big English, so sir please just bear with me.

You know sir the British told the Fulanis to scrub history from our schools but Buhari happened and I started reading the history about Nigeria and I started doing some research myself and I found out that you actually wrote a book about Buhari in 2007 called the crimes of Buhari and I have not read the book yet but I believe you took Buhari to the cleaners. as an opinion writer myself I can feel the kind of mood that you were in while writing that book and how were you able to forgive this dictator? I mean the man committed a lot of atrocities and in my opinion, Buhari should have been banned from ever holding political office in Nigeria, Sir remember NSO during Buhari's military regime?

I also listened to how you traveled to the east during the war, I heard chief Alabi narrate the story of your bravery, but my question sir is, why did you support Buhari to become president, I mean the man was a failure and he failed In 1983, I still don't understand why a man like you would support this dictator, I know if it was your friend Chinua Achebe he would never do it, Buhari is nobody and you should not even be in the same room with him, I mean we all know how Buhari rose to the rank of a major general, simple he killed Igbos.

Please tell us, sir, why did you support this 1983 failure like I call him, I urge Nigerians to read your book, sir, the crimes of Buhari and I know now sir that you regret your actions but I would still like you to tell us why u you supported the man in 2015 because I am confused.

I know they didn't pay you because you are bigger than that and I know you would not accept such, we Igbos have always rejected Buhari because we know the man can never change and boy oh boy we were right to look at what he is doing today, threatening to wipe us, called us a tiny dot, plans to allow his Fulani brothers roam free in the south with cows and I watched a video of how cows invaded your house, sir, it would be nice if you can tell us why you really supported the man, thank you for your time, sir. and oh lastly sir, this is a secret you must reveal to us how do you manage to say so young at 86.LOL.Thanks again Sir

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