Wednesday, June 30, 2021

 Open Questions for the Nigerian army aka civilian killing machine

Hello Nigerian army aka the civilian killing machine like I call you, I have a few questions to ask, the questions many Nigerians always refuse to ask

Why do you love killing unarmed civilians?

I know there are non-lethal ways to deal with civilians, ever heard of rubber bullets?

Why did you kill 28 people at Nnamdi Kanu's House? Did they have guns? Answer is no

Why did you kill unarmed people at obigbo? Is the military intelligence dead? Could you not fish out people that killed your officers?instead of killing and raping innocent people? 

Why did you kill and burn houses in Benue after some hoodlums killed army officers and again I ask is your military intelligence dead?

Why do you like burning down houses? Ever since the days of fela it is still the same thing you love burning houses, you people killed felas mother in the most barbaric way

Why did you kill unarmed Shia? yes I watched the video

Why did you kill unarmed ipob members with flags at the school in Aba?

Do you have burning and killing in your DNA? Is that what you teach at the NDA? I am confused because you are the most unprofessional army in the world. 

We have many more of your atrocities, but I would leave you to answer these few ones,do you know the people hate you so much

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