Monday, June 14, 2021

 28 People Killed At Nnamdi Kanu's House

When are we going to talk about 28 people that were killed at Nnamdi Kanu's House unprovoked, I mean most times I get angry at Nigerians, we are wicked people and we hate each other, what did Ipob do to the Nigerian army? Did they carry weapons? Who gave the order for the army to kill Nnamdi Kanu? Yes we know they wanted to kill Kanu and they killed 28 people instead including a dog this shows how heartless these people are. Fulani army from niger, they kill like rabid dogs, no looking back, I call them the civilian killing machine.

In Nigeria we are programmed to support the oppressor instead of the oppressed, this is why nobody talks about it, you can't keep killing unarmed people and expect them to fold their arms so the coming of UGM is actually natural and they would have free volunteers willing to extract justice since the Nigerian state can not give them justice, I say today if you come to my house and kill 28 people, I would form a group greater than Taliban to fight back because I am fighting for justice I did no wrong when you killed my people I never carried arms and what gave you the right to kill them? I would ask the ICC as well, why did the Nigerian army aka civilian people kill 28 unarmed people and none of them are in jail now?.

To eradicate a problem we just first get to the root of the matter, the Nigerian government started by killing innocent people and we have video evidence to prove it and I ask when are we going to talk about the 28 innocent people killed at Nnamdi Kanu House when  Buhari with the blessings of the Eastern governors sent the army to eliminate Kanu.

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