Sunday, June 13, 2021

Igbo President Won't Stop Biafran Agitation 

I see our greedy politicians running like rats everywhere and first I must thank Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Ighoho and a guy I respect koiki, these guys are the reason our useless politicians that have kept us in slavery for so long are running around like rats trying to salvage a scam constitution, these Fulanis use this constitution to hold down the rest of the country and keep them in abject poverty and now our eyes are clear and now they are running around trying to save their scam so they can continue to put us in slavery.

Look it is so painful that 2023 is far because I want these my stupid Igbos supporting one Nigeria to finally receive sense, Fulanis won't give you power don't you just get it and many people think we are asking for Biafra because there has not been an Igbo president since after Ironsi, yes that is included but at this point, Igbos don't want Igbo presidency, In fact, Igbo presidency would lead to an all-out Igbo civil war because the Igbo president would want to suppress Biafran agitators and it would lead to a civil war between us.

I want you coconut heads governors and Ohaneze to understand this Igbo presidency won't stop Biafran agitation, I swear and I tell you that it would only make it worse, we Igbos don't want to stay in the same country as the Fulanis don't you people understand it, after 2023 your eyes would be wide open and you would Bury your head in shame, see united nations would settle this matter la's Las and all you greedy Igbo politicians would suffer, make Igbo president today it won't stop Biafran agitation.

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