Wednesday, June 30, 2021

 Shame On Igbos Not Supporting Kanu

We all heard that there was jubilation in Abuja when we heard the news that they caught Kanu and I ask those Abuja Igbos did you dance in the streets with them? your Fulani friends? and this reminds me of how ikwerrre danced in London during. The video is below watch it don't have to be a member of ipob to support Kanu,i am not a member of ipob

You 1% of Igbos are greedy and selfish and you are still selling your brother because of your kiosk at Abuja, remember Fulani will not spare you when it starts, to them you are still Igbo and it does not matter

Look at how Buhari stood by pantami and you can't stand by Kanu? Let's even talk about it what did kanu do? How do you kill 28 people at the man's house and expect him not to escape and you kill unarmed people?

ESN was formed to defend our lands from Fulani killers and UGM is a reaction. To the innocent families, you killed it happens everywhere in the world, did the Nigerian government sanction the soldiers that killed 28 people at Kanu's House? Unarmed people, look your injustice caused this mess

The curse I would lay on those Igbos take sides with the Fulanis, may you be dealt with by Fulani bandits.ISE

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