Wednesday, June 2, 2021

South South: There Is Nothing like Niger delta

You see I am an expert on international issues like the Middle East and Europe, but because of Buhari I started to study the Fulanis right from Usman Dan Fodio, and I found a lot of interesting patterns that I have written about, I told you Fulanis are cunning and smart and hid behind the Hausa to do their evil since I was born in Nigeria we never heard of Fulanis, all we knew was Hausa after that they changed to Hausa-Fulani and after it was just Fulanis, and now all we hear of is Fulanis everywhere we don't hear of Hausa no more and if you know the history of Fulanis you would know how they stole the land from the Hausa people.

I was forced to study a little about the Niger Delta namely Ijaw and ikwerrre and in fact, I saw the video on Twitter that shows how ikewerres killed Igbos and stole their land, go watch it and again because of accusations of Ijaw people whenever we talk about the civil war they go in emotional blackmail mood and start pointing fingers at Igbos, while they were the ones that betrayed us, do you understand now, Adaka Boro joined the Fulanis to killed Igbos after Gowon released him from prison and in fact, he so good at killing Biafrans and the Fulanis loved him but at the end the same Fulanis through Col Adekunle killed him

I have seen these lies instead of saying sorry for what they did to us they keep on blackmailing us, we were the victims and not you and this brings me to the Niger delta issue we must not be deceived like the Fulanis did to us, Niger delta is not a tribe, it is a region, you see them hiding behind Niger delta, niger delta did not betray Biafra some tribes in niger delta betrayed Biafra, so please don't let the Ijaws and ikewerre hide under Niger delta we must call them out for who they are, they want to be our enemies but we already forgave them remember how we massively supported their Ijaw son Goodluck Jonathan.

Igbos have moved on and so should the Ijaws and ikewerre at least for now those are the ones history tells me betrayed Biafra and today no Niger delta Republic that they betrayed Igbos for, please stop using niger delta don't let them plays us like the Fulanis did hiding under the north, we must address them by their tribe, we can't be fooled anymore and certainly not me and remember these tribes in niger delta hate each other eg ijaw and itsekiri

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