Friday, June 18, 2021

 Southern Nigeria What Are The Fulanis Planning?

Let's face it we know Nigeria is crumbling before our eyes but I sometimes wonder what these people are planning, what they say about Igbos in secret, the likes of El Rufai and the rest.

I remember an audio that was leaked, a conversation between a governor from the southwest and a Fulani governor, you could hear the hate in the voice of the Fulani it was a hate-filled conversation against Igbos by the Fulani governor.

I have never seen such amount of hate from a supposed learned governor, a man that should have used his office to unite the people, we must not keep on pretending and it is an open secret that the Fulanis hate the Igbos.

The Fulanis killed more people during their war of jihad they killed prominent Hausa leaders and took over their land, I wrote an open letter to the Hausa people here you say Igbos killed balewa, but you people also killed Ironsi, we Igbos have moved on but this Fulanis have refused to let go of their hate and this has to lead to the break up of Nigeria and yes Nigeria is broken already.

We have the son of a Fulani governor openly threatening to rape Igbo women, the ones they raped during the civil war are not enough?

So most times I ponder, what do these Fulanis say in secret about the rest of Nigeria especially the southern Nigeria and Igbos, no matter how much Igbo leaders rush to lick the feet of the Fulanis they can never love you if they can't love you after 60yrs do you think they will now? We must wake up and face the reality. When Nigeria breaks all files would be declassified then you will understand what I mean.listen to the audio

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