Thursday, June 10, 2021

 The Fulani Man Has Been Discovered And Stripped Naked

As an Igbo man born and raised in Lagos I was not born during the war and my parents didn't really talk about the war and I really don't know why, I guess the pain was too much, I was never really in support of the break up of Nigeria I truly believe in restructuring Nigeria so everyone can be treated equally and the rule of law should be followed, we all know Nigeria is a lawless country, where the Fulanis are above the law,

 I have never seen any Fulani man in prison or in a cell in Nigeria and this is because all the police stations in the south are manned by Fulani DPOs or Northern DPOs so when they commit crimes they free them it is not as if the people from the North don't commit crimes in the south,i wrote about the Fulani corruption here and we can saw what happened when OPC caught the leader of the killer herdsmen Wakili, the Fulanis instead arrested the OPC members, what Kind of madness is that in this country called one Nigeria. 

The Fulanis after using Gowon a Christian man to commit genocide I wrote about it here against his fellow Christians he was removed while in Kampala and if you watched the video you would see this genocidal maniac running like a chicken when he heard the Fulanis final removed him. These scandals provoked serious discontent within the army. On 29 July 1975, while Gowon was attending an OAU summit in Kampala, a group of officers led by Colonel Joe Nanven Garba announced his overthrow. The coup plotters appointed Brigadier Murtala Muhammed as head of the new government.

You know after 60yrs the most famous slogan of the Nigerian people is one Nigeria and E Go Better and these days I no longer hear those words and the reason is that the Fulani man has been discovered by the people from the south and to me, it seems the only person that truly knows the Fulanis is Nnamdi Kanu. 

The Fulanis are cunning and clever and this was why there were able to take the land from the Hausa people and even up to western Nigeria Ilorin, these people are a minority group in Nigeria, and ask yourself how come a minority group of herdsmen managed to conquer the brilliant people from the south? 

The Fulani believes in divide and rule they used this against the Igbos by turning some tribes in Niger delta against the Igbos it would interest you to know they did this close to the civil war in 1967, they carved rivers state from the Igbos and gave them a new identity called Niger delta or Rivers State. 

They did the same to Gowon a  Christian man from the middle belt who was used to kill his own Christian brothers from the south and after he worked for them he was removed while away from Nigeria, Fulanis turned the Yorubas against the Igbos by promising Awolowo that he would lead Nigeria and in turn, Awolowo supported the Fulanis to kill his fellow Southern brothers 

Growing up all my life I never knew anything like Fulani, we all know the Hausas, as an Igbo man we believe in our culture and we believe in masquerades, so Fulanis is like the man wearing the masquerade costume you never see him. 

Fulanis now lumped themselves with the Hausa and started the name Hausa/Fulani make no mistake these people are different people, the Hausas have their own language and culture they are different from the Fulanis if you doubt me read how Dan Fodio conquered the Hausa people.

I make bold to say today the Fulani man have been discovered and he can no longer use his divide and conquer tactics nor can he hide behind the Hausas, we have finally seen the man behind the masquerade and the Fulanis have been stripped naked at the market square if you doubt me go to Yoruba nation and mention the word Fulani and you would be chased away go to South East and mention Fulani they would chase you away.

The Fulani is alone, cornered, and surrounded and his only choice is to have a Fulani nation because once Nigeria breaks which will happen soon the Hausas would not want to stay under the slavery that's their forefathers stayed in, we are all wise now and our eyes are wide open The Fulani man can no longer with impunity take lands without paying, kill rape and destroy peoples farm and pretend like nothing happened.

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