Friday, June 18, 2021

 The hypocrisy of Ijaws and Ikewerres

To me, I think these people have one blood because they both betrayed Biafra during the war, and whatever you say I can't live in the same country with Ijaws and ikewerres I wrote about it here.

I wrote about the south south here telling us that there is nothing like the south south we just have tribes living there like Ijaws, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Igbos, and the rest.

The annoying part is that you hear these Ijaws say Niger delta-like they are speaking for the whole of the Niger delta tribes and I ask them who gave you that right to speak for other tribes, you asked Igbos not to speak for you but you turn around and say you can speak for all the tribes in the Niger delta and I tell this your hypocrisy is longer than third mainland bridge.

You now have the descendants of stolen properties people that killed their brothers for property, the video is below and I won't pretend because I don't trust the ikwerrres, I saw a publication when wike was saying that ikwerrre can rule rivers state forever because ikwerrre have 1million votes and I say to other tribes in the Niger delta do you see the hypocrisy the same ikewerre that were complaining about Igbo dominance are the ones doing the same thing now, I have always said that the unifying factor in the south Eastern region is the Igbos and once we break free you would see how they would all fight themselves because nobody would allow the ikewerre and Ijaws Lord over them

So I say to them stop this bloody hypocrisy because someone like me can already see through this BS and I  know the truth and I will keep on exposing you.

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