Monday, June 7, 2021

 Remember The Names of The Ones That Never Supported Biafra

My name is Chris Obiagu and I support Biafra and I want the world and the Igbos to remember my name and my fellow Igbos that support Biafra leave your names as well, we must know who supports us now and who don't , watch everyone carefully, anyone that is Igbos and does not support Biafra is your enemy and we just remember their names, how can you be supporting the Fulanis over your own brothers, look we all know Fulanis are not witches we have Igbos giving them info, we have rats among us and I was listening to kioki and a Yoruba man called in and talked about the planned attack on protesters of Yoruba nation that is going to take place in Lagos and the Yoruba man said maybe they have to fight some omo ale Yoruba and for my Igbo brothers that don't know the meaning of omo ale it means bastard, just like our own Igbo omo ale Joe ibokwe.

I might not always fully agree with Kanu but I support him and I support Biafra and let's say the truth who else is fighting Fulanis now in Igbo land? Nobody but ipob and kanu and also BNL, the rest from our governors to our senators aside abaribe and our sold called freedom fighters like Uwazurike and Co are not doing anything on the ground all they do it yap online, kanu and BNL  are the only people fighting the Fulanis now and we must support them in the name of biafra.

Look igbos are not fools we always deal with our own, even ojukwu was dealt with even though we respect and loved him, if kanu messes up we igbos would deal with him, he enjoys the support of the gods now, but when he turns to a politician the gods of biafra land would leave him like they did Uwazurike, our heroes and heroines are crying from the grave, they would finally rest when we achieve freedom

I say to my igbos brothers and sisters ipob, massob, baifra nation,BNL and the rest, take down the names of those that are opposing biafra so we may remember them in future and teach our kids never to be like them

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