Wednesday, June 9, 2021

 The North Have A Lot To Gain From Nigerian Breakup

Only the blind can't see what is going on in Nigeria and shout out to my people with impaired vision I know they can feel it that this country is broken already and the picture below says it all unless you are still living in denials like my Abuja and Lagos Igbos.

So I did some thinking and I figured out that the North would benefit a lot from the break up of Nigeria

1, they can keep Aso Rock and I use it for Arewa Republic of Fulani Republic but we Igbos need to build our presidential Palace from the scratch but to save cost we can use Ikonso government House or any other one, I am from Enugu state by the way.

2, They have the CBN building and they can keep that as well because it is already located in their zone

3, All major countries already have embassies in their zone but countries need to build new buildings or buy in our zone.

4, Military facilities are already in the North so they can keep that as well,

5, Loans borrowed for Nigeria have been used to develop their region alone and they can keep it but we would only pay the equivalent of what they invested in Southeast.

6, Igbos and Yorubas and other tribes would share foreign embassy buildings in Christian countries, but we won't take anyone that  they haven't finished paying for you know Nigeria Na

7, They can keep all the railways they built in their zone and pay back China because let's face it they didn't build any in the east.

8, They can keep Abuja airport but we have to still build again because we need a world-class airport in Igbo land, not that playground been built by the Anambra state governor

9, They can keep the dams Igbos would find alternative ways to generate electricity

10, Since they already threatened to take Igbo properties they can keep it we would build another one, or we can take  them to International court, or rebuild afterall our land was stolen in Port Harcourt so it won't stop us

So you see everything I listed actually shows that the north has alot to benefit from. The break up of Nigeria.

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