Monday, June 7, 2021

 Yoruba Nation:Tinubu The Repentant Slave Trader

For us that read history, we all know slave trade was heartless and callous selling your own people to the white men and the practice was later abolished and we saw during the BLM protests many slave traders statues were toppled and removed and we all know many of those rich countries like America and UK were built on the back of slaves.

We should remember that the white man did not just come and carry people, our people sold us to them like the Ijaws who were notorious for selling slaves, and today they are living in poverty like slaves, should we call it the slave trade curse? This is why you can't trust the Ijaws today because they would always sell you out

Now let's go to madam Tinubu a slave trader who sold people for money and she was so influential that she rubbed shoulders with Kings and she was a major figure in Lagos during the reigns of obas, Adele, Olluwole, Akitoye, and Dosunmu, she was what we call boss lady or iron lady and she was called the Iyalode of Egba Land, I mean she was powerful just like the man we call Tinubu today.

Bola Tinubu is just like madam Tinubu and ironically they share the same last name but the difference is that according to historians they said madam Tinubu repented from her slavery trading, but it is an open secret that the man Tinubu has sold his people the Yorubas to the Fulanis, the same way our Igbo Governors have sold us and currently, people are agitating to leave Nigeria but this same man Tinubu is still working with the Fulanis to suppress his people, I wrote about  why Tinubu should declare for Yoruba nation here

Just Yesterday the Fulanis killed over 39 people in Ibadan, burnt houses, and cars, and any sensible leader would break away from the Fulanis, but maybe be not this Tinubu because I am sure madam Tinubu would have supported her people and fight the Fulani, we all saw what Buhari did to Lam Adesina go and read, when would Tinubu ask Buhari the same question he asked Lam Adesina, why are your people killing my people or maybe because they are both in APC so it is allowed, well we all wait and see what bola Tinubu would do this time, would he continue to sell his people to the Fulanis or repent like madam Tinubu did and stop selling his people to slavery.

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