Saturday, June 12, 2021

This Is Not 1967 Igbos Have Natural Allies Now

We all saw how the war criminal Buhari promised another genocide on Igbos like he and the Fulanis did in 1967 and we must remember that Buhari played a major role in the killing of Igbos and Igbos officers in the North even before the Civil War, Buhari was among the officers that were involved in the counter-coup of 1966 and Buhari also participated in the genocidal Nigerian civil war so killing Igbos is not new to Buhari, we have seen him do it when Ipob started with just flags, Buhari unleashed the army on them and killed them they were unarmed and we saw how he sent the army to kill Nnamdi Kanu at his house and ended up killing 28 innocent people who had no arms.

We Igbos in Nigeria are gaged and censored everywhere we go we have enemies all around us and during the civil war we fought all tribes in Nigeria, Hausa in the army, Fulani, Yorubas in the army, Tiv, these ones were the most dangerous ones Ikewerre, Ijaw, they killed their brothers for nothing in the name of what? Don't let them turn around and try and emotionally blackmail you, we have evidence and it is online that Adaka Boro was a Fulani slave and we have video evidence that Ikewerre killed Igbos and stole their properties, Tiv supplied the largest bodies to fight the war while the Fulani sat back, so you see the Igbos have gone through a lot in this same Nigeria.

Igbos then had no arms we were blocked but we fought and died for freedom but today Igbos are bigger and richer and in fact, I know Igbos all over the world won't fold their arms and watch them kill us again never, we have the money now and today we have natural allies in the middle belt they would never support the Fulanis any more and we have natural allies in the Yorubas they can never support the Fulanis, like it or not Igbos are not in this alone, our focus should be the enemies we have in our backyard Ijaws and Ikewerre.

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