Sunday, June 27, 2021

 Is Tinubu A Political Strategist? 

Yes, we all know Tinubu is smart, Haba bobo Chicago that is his name, because a strategist won't make such a silly mistake the political miscalculation was grievous and I am a strategist and a strategist is like a sniper he stays there for days, weeks or months waiting for the right time and many people don't know why I always tell Igbos to go with 5 states if Israel didn't accept UK partition plan in 1947 do you think that they would have been able to build a country today? The ones that refused the partition plan are stateless for over 73yrs now, so strategy is very very important, if you know It won't work don't do it unless you are pretty sure you are dealing with a dumb person.

Fulanis are the masters of division and they use people and look I tell you if you are not a Fulani Muslim you are not a friend of the Fulanis if you like be a Tinubu they would never see you like them, never, Abiola dined with them and see what happened how would Tinubu make this kind of political mistake and Tinubu himself has spoken against Buhari in the past, Tinubu knows that Buhari is a failure but he chose to dine with the devil and not just any devil, but the Fulani devil, they are wicked and vicious and they don't forgive like we Christians, these are the descendants of  Usman Dan fodio , you people always seem to forget, Usman the jihadist marauder from Jalon or wherever I don't care because he is not indigenous to Nigeria, they killed the Hausas and stole their land.

A smart man like Tinubu bobo Chicago didn't learn from the past and Tinubu would have chosen ambode as buharis VP, I don't care if  ambode would have resigned as the governor or not even contest at all because ambode is just like bobo Chicago and this was why he was able to out smart Tinubu even fashola is not as smart as ambode, Tinubu would have pushed in ambode instead of osinbanjo that one is a sisy, a pastor, look you have to be dirty like the fulanis to beat the fulanis and that is why they hate nnamdi kanu so much because they finally saw a man that is ready to dance dirty in the mud with them, the only time they saw this kind of craziness was with ojukwu in 1967, i guess the spirt of ojukwu is in kanu now, gowon hated ojukwu and he didnt understand where ojukwus stubbornness was coming from, he could not tame the man and till tomorrow gowon would always fear Ojukwu, if you doubt me go and watch gowon facial expressions during the war watch most of the interviews he gave he wanted to cry despite talking tough.

So Tibubu is not a strategist but he Is just smart but not smarter than the Fulanis, look Fulanis would rather support PDP Atiku to win instead of giving power to Tinubu, they know Tinubu is smarter than them as they can't control him, Fulanis controlled Obasanjo but they can't control Tinubu because the man is a god in Lagos, the only option Tibubu have now is to break away from the Fulanis and save himself from further embarrassment, Tinubu did not learn from Awolowo and Abiola, Fulanis don't keep their word, remember what Buhari told everyone when he visited Lagos recently, he said don't sit in Lagos and decide for us in Abuja.

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