Sunday, June 27, 2021

Tinubu Would Have Chosen Ambode As VP Instead Of Osinbajo

Tinubu would have chosen Ambode and that one would have removed Buhari, he would be smart enough to collect real power while Buhari is away, Tinubu failed by trusting the Fulanis and don't be stupid I know Buhari and Tinubu had a verbal agreement about him taking over from Buhari, of course, they did, Tinubus mistake was not recording it secretly, you are dealing with Fulanis wake up, didn't you see what Kwankwaso did to Ganduje the criminal.

Fulanis are known to use people, did you know the war criminal Murtala Mohammed a Fulani man was the one that planned the counter-coup in 1966,o yes so you didn't know, after they killed Ironsi they knew that there would be backlash so instead of him taking over they used Gowon, a Christian after Murtala the Fulani was satisfied, while Gowon was away in Kampala, Murtala removed him. Lol. You need to see how Gowon was running like a Headless chicken. Go and watch it. that was why Gowon's in law was the one that killed Murtala, he was like after using us you want to dump us and he killed him and to me, Dimka was a hero for taking out that war criminal and genocidal maniac that ordered the massacre of women and children at Asaba, yes I am happy Dimka sent him off

Fulanis used Awolowo as well during the war and Awolowo was instrumental at that time but they used him, come on I know the Fulanis would never be in front, they would use someone else, same way we have been hearing all about Hausa while they were the ones controlling everything and remember 3major tribes in Nigeria, Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa, where are the Fulanis? They used Awolowo and forever stained his name with that singular act, yes the greatness can never be taken away from awo but the stain would always be there like it is with Azikiwe, Nnamdi Azikiwe remains the man that put Igbos inside this mess.

And after Fulanis used awo they dumped him and went back on their verbal agreement and remember Fulanis would never sign anything they love gentleman's agreements because they know they won't honour it and this is why they keep saying let's build Nigeria, but they refuse to restructure and let me go back a bit because I have studied the Fulanis and I have a PhD in fulatology, Fulanis used a man-call JS Tarka he was a Benue man a champion of  Middle Belt Republic, so Fulanis decided to give him an appointment in government and then they made a  Benue man chief of army staff and in turn, Benue supplied the highest number of men that died during the genocidal Biafran war and look at what is happening to Benue today?

What if JS Tarka didn't accept the blood appointment maybe we would have had a middle belt Republic and they would have all their lands today and their people wouldn't have died and remember these Benue people stopped the Fulani jihad in 1804, so Fulanis still have that bitterness and hate for the benue people, so Tinubu was so wrong to trust the Fulanis and you see what they did to Abiola as well, the man won an election and you refused to give him power, look Nigeria is a dead country. Imagine if it was a fulani man they refused to hand over power to like abiola? Nigeria would have ceased to exist today.

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