Friday, June 11, 2021

 Unknown Gunmen: Resistance Fighters Or Freedom Fighters

Look I won't mince words as you all know, we see what is going on in the east and we see some men hunting down the police and military men that killed their family members because that is what it is when you start killing innocent people and you think the people would sit down and fold their arms, no a like mind and natural resistance would be born out of shared hatred of the people that killed their innocent family members, we have seen it happen all over the world and in fact, this have topped regimes, it happened during the Arab spring and it is currently happening in Syria and I would give you an example.

In Mexico, drugs dealers were battling for control of a territory and they were killing civilians and in fact, many innocent civilians lost their lives to those drug dealers, and what did the civilians do they banded together because they share collective pain from losing their loved ones and then they resisted the drug dealers and believe me till today they are still resisting those drugs dealers, they stood their ground so just imagine if they folded their arms they would all been dead and this leads me to TY Danjuma about what he said the video is below and I wrote about him here

TY  Danjuma a known member of the Nigerian cabal and a military man said the Nigerian army works with the killer bandits and they provide them with cover after killing and makes sense right because you begin to wonder how these killers kill a whole village and get away and not even the police or army can track them and remember what we have now is a Fulani army.

Just like when the man that was fighting for the Benue people against the Fulanis Gana I wrote about him here, when he was ambushed and killed by the same Fulani army and remember he was not armed they killed him in cold blood and some said he was their hero and some said he was a bad man, so it is an individual thing and we must understand there is a difference between a terrorist and a freedom or resistance fighter. Let me break it down for you, a terrorist kills everyone, women, kids, police, army even animals. But freedom fighters have one target the government institutions that is the only enemy of freedom fighters, go and read how Museveni became president of Uganda he was a freedom fighter.

So if we follow what TY Danjuma said about the Nigerian army then they are not innocent and remember the Nigerian army or police are the most unprofessional in the world I wrote about it here, they are wicked and callous and we have seen videos of how they kill civilians so why should I have any pity for them? They would probably kill me if they have the chance and in fact, All Nigerians in the south hate them because they have been used to terrorize us, I mean these people are so wicked that they kill and burn houses like the terrorist, my favorite musician said it,na the burn burn na him day sweeti them pass,which means they love burning things.

To me the guys avenging the deaths of their loves ones are not terrorist because Nigeria failed them if only the police and army are not used to kill civilians these unknown gunmen would never have been born, how do you kill unarmed people and you expect them to keep quiet in fact me writing this I won't keep quiet so I don't pity the police or army and they are finally getting their karma and this is why the people cheer unknown gunmen because they have finally found their Robin Hood, in fact, the people are so happy that the army and police that have killed them for so long are finally getting punished and please don't blame them because you are not in their shoes and it is left for you to decide as I have already given you the definition of a terrorist and  a freedom fighter or resistance fighter

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