Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Uwazurike Apologise To Nnamdi Kanu: Why I Lost Respect For Uwazurike

You know when mas sob started in 1999 we didn't have much Internet coverage like we have now and many people really didn't  know much about Massob aside from the rumors of eyewitness accounts of them extorting money from people in the east in the name of Biafra and we have Uwazurike that decided to follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi of non-violence and even with that the government of Nigeria has killed them and I make bold to say that Massob have paid the price for Biafra just like Ipob is doing now and I wrote about Ipob here,

I saw a video of the Uwazurike when he made a video and said Nnamdi Kanu sent UGM to attack him at his house and he repelled them and he made a shocking confession that same day unknown to many people like me because I have already been wondering where the beef between him and Nnamdi Kanu started and he opened his wide mouth to say he kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu and kept him for 5days, can you imagine, who gave Uwazurike that right? Is Uwazurike not as worse as the Nigerian DSS? You have no right to kidnap someone and keep him against his will for 5days.Mad man

In fact, I was pissed and mad and I would never even support Kanu if he does the same to someone else and Uwazurike went ahead to show us his compound and I was shocked the man had a limo in his house if you were Uwazurike would you want to choose the way of the likes of George Washington that fought the British in a war or Mahatma Gandhi that got freedom from the British through non-violent means, Uwazurike must know that Nigeria is not Britain and the Fulanis are savages and they can't give him Biafra that way.

Uwazurike has been preaching non-violence since 1999 and the Fulanis are killing Igbos and he did nothing, he never formed any group to chase the Fulanis away, I saw him. The other day swearing with the bible and I laughed so hard that my tummy wanted to tear, does this man think we are fools, if you want to swear go to the nearest shrine and swear, and then I will take you serious.

Uwazurike must know that many Igbos like me already lost respect for him and it is either he change his policy and fight the Fulanis killing us or leave the Igbos alone or he can tell Asari and Co to stop the flow of oil just like he suggested and I feel he owes Nnamdi Kanu an apology for kidnapping him and this alone made loose respect for Uwazurike.

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