Tuesday, June 29, 2021

 Biafra: Uwazurike, Mefor, George Onyeibe The Floor Is Open Now

You know if you read my articles I never started as a fan of Nnamdi Kanu and my love for him grew as Buhari happened, even though I still disagree with Kanu sometimes but not on our right to self-defense and Biafra, Kanu is what we needed against the Fulanis, Kanu is the only person that puts fear in them, I wrote here  https://www.biafranboys.org/biafran-agitation-how-buhari-and-nnamdi how Kanu radicalized me and I meant it.

As a wise man, I used to listen to Uwazurike and Biafran nation peeps Uche Mefor and George Onyeibe, but I noticed that they had nothing to offer, all they did was castigate Kanu on the radio while the Fulanis are killing our mother's and just recently you saw how Ogoni was crying that Fulanis have invaded their farms, Uche Mefor and George Onyeibe just cry on radio and the worse part of  it is that George Onyeibe, he talks and talks without even going to protest on the ground, at a point, I said if you people set up Ipob for business tell Kanu to give you your share so you can leave him alone because

I see it as obsession and look don't get me wrong I am not saying he should not fight Kanu but don't give Kanu 100%, when this guy comes on the radio he talks about Kanu throughout the during of the show, when would you talk about Fulanis killing us then, they are cowards and not freedom fighters, how do you expect the pot-bellied Uche Mefor to be a freedom fighter and I think he is in London as well.

So I say to Uwazurike, Uche Mefor, and George Onyeibe now that Kanu has finally decided to surrender to the Nigerian government, the floor is open to you, we want to see you lead protest for Biafra because now you have no excuse and you have nothing to talk about anymore, or will you keep talking about Kanu that is inside prison. Shame on you fools, we Igbos are watching your every move now.

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