Tuesday, June 15, 2021

 Warning To Companies Trying To Steal Gas From Igbo Land

I saw an article now saying Nigeria has been riding on oil for the past 50years and not they want to focus on gas and you ask which gas? From which region? Is it gas in the North? Look I won't mince words any company that comes to Igbo land, I mean one of those 5 Igbo states to steal gas would be dealt with, those 5 dot states are not part of Nigeria.

I am angry and pissed, you will not turn our 5 Igbo States to some parts of Niger delta where you destroyed their land and stole their oil, we won't allow that, just look at Niger delta it is like Somalia instead of Dubai, we won't allow it, 5 Igbo States of Biafra and not Nigeria, stay way, I would be writing an open letter to oil companies including the president of the USA and France.

I don't care if you take the gas from rivers, delta state or where ever but do not come near our 5 Igbo States steal gas, you would be dealt with, we won't allow any company come to Igbo land and steal our gas, enough is enough.

This is a warning to igbo governors, elders, and chiefs, we would not be like the Niger delta where oil has destroyed their land and made it uninhabitable and where you have some people collecting money to guard pipelines to Sokoto and you have some people stealing oil or selling their people to the Fulanis, any igbo elder that sells our gas to any company or the Fulanis would be disgraced in The market square and you will surely get the Alfred Diete Spiff treatment, trust me.

Warning to Igbo youths do not sell your souls like Asari Dokubo and the rest, do not allow any company come into Igbo land, if you do may the Igbo Udele eat your flesh.

We would use our gas for Biafra and for our 5states if need be and the last warning to white foreign companies, you would be dealt with if you come to Igbo land to steal gas, I am ready to go to the ICC, do not come to igbo land and steal gas we won't allow a repeat of the Niger delta scenario, Chinese, America, French and the UK, you have been warned.

Buhari you have no right to take any gas in the 5 states of Igboland we won't let you and in fact, you would give birth to another militant group but this time we won't be guarding any pipeline, it would be cut off and nobody would be collecting any bribe.

Lastly, Igbo youths wake up so we won't end up like some tribes in the Niger delta, where they live in poverty and their leader like Asari Dokubo have investments in Cotonou, any youth, governor, Ohaneze, Igwe, chiefs found taking a bribe would be dealt with, Igbo land gas is for Igbos and not for Nigeria or the Fulanis when Zamfara found gold they used it for Zamfara or how many of you youths in Igbo land benefited from Zamfara gold money? Let me guess none, so make una get sense now, our gas in Igbo land is not for sale.

Warning, Anthony Attah, MD/CEO NLNG, stay away from gas in Igbo land, I don't care if you take gas in rivers state or where ever, but stay away from the 5dot states and as I said I am ready to go to court, just watch the video and see how they destroyed some parts of niger delta.

Signed :Biafran Middle-men

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