Monday, June 14, 2021

 Warning to Ipob and Massob When You Get Power Do Not Misbehave

I would start by saying I owe an allegiance to my country Biafra and not any man be you Nnamdi Kanu or Uwazurike or a governor or whoever, It is God, Country, then Igbo, that is the slogan, as we are getting closer to our goal and that is Biafra, I am writing this to put all of you on notice and let it be on the record, Ipob, Massob and all other groups fighting for Biafra and all Igbo leaders, the main reason why I never wanted to join the struggle is that I am a student of history and I studied what happened in South Sudan and I didn't want it to happen to us in Biafra because I know how men can get greedy for power, just look at what is going on people stealing biafran funds, we all saw how they killed each other in South Sudan the president and his deputy fighting just like Nnamdi Kanu and Uche Mefor, so I was scared of the same playing out in Biafra, but we the Biafran middlemen won't let it happen we are going to watch all of you, for now, I have no choice because nigeria is dead trust me.

First and foremost in Biafra we just not make the Nigerian mistake of allowing greed and nepotism to destroy us and in our constitution nepotism would be  a crime and it should carry a jail sentence of  5-10yrs with no option for bail and anything other than this is a  SCAM and we won't support it else we be like Nigeria the monster that we want to be free from. 

In the same constitution, the judiciary should get their money from the constitution so they would be answerable to the people because you know the last hope of the common man is the judiciary we must not be like Nigeria, where Buhari controls the judiciary like his puppets.

Rule of law, Strong Institutions not Strong Men, equality, everything would be on merit and not by who you know, Separation of powers, as I said everyone would be equal, everyone in Biafra and there would be nothing like nepotism.

Transparency, freedom of worship[well all know Biafra is Judeo/Christian/traditional nation]but all other religions would have freedom of worship, human rights, no police carry ak47 on the streets, the army would remain in the barracks or at our borders, no crazy spending, rotation presidency and all must follow the master plan, I support 5 states for now but if Akwa Ibom would join us later, it would still be rotation presidency.

We want to always emulate Israel well in Israel their presidents go to jail and nobody is above the law, so in Biafra, if Nnamdi Kanu or Uwazurike breaks the law they would be jailed.

Biafra won't be a bounty that would be shared among victors, no you are fighting for your country and not fighting for personal gain, and if you want monetary gain tell us now so you can be paid like a if you are fighting now for Biafra don't expect to be made prime minister, good Nnamdi Kanu already said it himself that he won't be contesting for any office.

Biafra must be built on a master plan and not like Nigeria where this one would enter and do something else and abandon the other one's projects, all states would be allowed to develop and send little to the center.

I am warning all of you again for the last time, Biafra is not a bounty to be shared and there would be nothing like a dictatorship or ballot snatching, if you get power and mess up, I promise you, I would steal a tank and blow up the presidential house, in fact, UGM would be child's play because we must not be like Nigeria, if we want to emulate Israel let us emulate them in everything, aside our intelligence agency answering to just one person that can't work for us, because in Israel MOSSAD only answers to the prime minister.

Nobody and I mean nobody would be above the law in Biafra and I repeat nepotism must be enshrined in the Biafran constitution, you see how Buhari is using nepotism as a weapon and we must not allow that to happen in Biafra. 

We must be a tiny dot of democracy and a beacon of hope in Africa just like Israel is the only democracy in the middle east.

Lastly, everyone fighting for Biafra we Igbos love and appreciate all your sacrifices, the ones fighting on the ground and the ones writing and talking online. God bless Biafra

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