Wednesday, June 30, 2021

 Western countries are cowards that do things because of interest and greed

If Igbos were Muslims, they would have received funding from an Arab country, I mean direct funding from Muslim countries, Muslims really don't do it for interest, they do it for religion and this is one thing that western countries lack

Look at how the UK supported Azerbaijan to kill Armenians for oil, Muslims countries won't do it and even if they wanted to, it would be covertly, but they can never support a Christian country over a Muslim country, don't you see people sponsoring Boko haram are based in Dubai, this is why. Buhari supported Pantani, Fulanis don't throw themselves under the bus, they always stand for each other, even Buhari famous said Abacha is not corrupt

Western countries are just businessmen it is about what they would benefit,they don't care about humanity.

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