Friday, June 18, 2021

 When Would Britain Apologize For Joining The North And South

I call them the white witch the man behind the masquerade Britain copied the Fulanis or the Fulanis copied them I am not sure because they almost act the same way, oh please let's face it Britain control Nigeria if they say enough and let Nigeria break Nigeria would break today, Fulanis are like Britain always hiding behind Northern Nigeria or Hausa Fulani to control us and not knowing that they the Fulanis are the real cabal like the British Catriona Laing goes up and down yapping about human rights and while she is the one giving the green light for human rights abuses and I wonder why after every atrocity committed by buratai the UK the did not sanction him and some have said that Catriona Laing land and Britain gave Tinubu the green light to kill protesters at Lekki toll gate they said after she visited Tinubu and bang army started shooting.

We must understand the history of Britain in Nigeria and I was reading a post online where it showed that Britain threaten African countries that supported Biafra during the Civil War and we must thank countries like Tanzania and the great Julius Nyerere that stood his ground and supported Biafra and we Biafra must acknowledge those that supported us during the war and I am sure Britain told the Fulanis to remove history from our schools so we won't read about how Britain supplied arms to Nigeria to kill Igbo women and children and I say to the ICC when would you arrest and try those that did that? don't tell me about the statute of limitations.

We have seen France apologize for their role in the Rwandan genocide and we have seen Germany recently apologizing for killing Namibians and we saw how Britain wanted to repent from their sins by offering asylum to Ipob and Massob but they were surprised that Igbos rejected it .we don't want to be given asylum we need freedom and within days Fulani government promised Britain something and they shameless pulled it down and I say to Britain have you no shame? why could you not stand your ground? Do you want people to start dying before you bring out the fake asylum again?

If only china was a democracy Africans would be all supported China we still do but not fully because China is a dictatorship and we Igbos hate dictatorship and I must use this opportunity to thank China for helping us during the war and I tell them that once we have Biafra that friendship would continue and Nigerians doing business with you are majorly Igbos and Yorubas and not Fulanis and you have a lot to gain by supporting Biafra again like you did before and for the loans you gave the Fulanis don't worry each region would pay back the equivalent of the loan invested in their region, eg if the 2% of the loan was used in Biafra land we would pay 2% and if Buhari used 80% to build rail from Borno to Niger they will pay it.

And I say to Britain when will you apologize for the atrocities you committed in Nigeria? We don't need repatriation we just need an apology and we want you to start doing the right thing, stop supporting evil because of oil like you did in 1967, we have oil in Biafra land core Igbo states we would sell to you and we have gas as well, when will you apologize for forcefully joining South and North without a referendum by the people? When will you apologize for join people with different cultural backgrounds and religions together for your own selfish gains, when will you apologize for supplying arms to Fulanis that killed Igbo women and children? When will you apologize for supporting genocide? 

I saw you do it recently in Armenia where you looked the other way and allowed Azerbaijani and the Turkish dictator to bomb Armenia and you went back to Azerbaijan to invest 30 billion dollars, lastly, Britain stop the hypocrisy and apologize to Igbos because all we were fighting for was freedom and today you can see that we have been vindicated because what my ancestors fought for is still happening today in Nigeria a country that you forcefully created, be the bigger man like Germany and France and apologize.

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