Friday, June 25, 2021

Why Do You Get Angry When We Tell Igbos To Invest In Igbo Land

Nigeria is one of the most tribalistic countries on earth and we have the largest number of hypocrites in the world like those that want to eat their cake and still have it, I was reading an article telling Igbos to invest in Igbo land and I have said it over and over again, any Igbo man investing or buying a house in the North is a compound zombie and deserves anything he gets from the Fulanis and a few days ago the Fulanis are were complaining about a gated community in kano and they are crying because the place is filled with Igbos, they said they don't have a Fulani gated community in Igbo land and I ask who stop you, people, from buying land? All you people do in the south is to steal land and destroy our farms.

The comments I saw about the article were so crazy and I ask what do these people want? You always threaten Igbos with their investments in your region and you still don't want them to leave and move back to the east, I still don't understand, oh now you know that Igbos is the economic powerhouse of your domain and once they leave your economy would collapse, if you know these stop threatening them and Biafra does not mean they can't do their business in your country, they can still continue but as a Biafran not as a Nigerian so you treat them with respect or risk a diplomatic war.

So please do not get mad or cry whenever we tell our Igbo brothers to leave your region and invest in Igbo land because it is only in Igbo land that their investment is safe and remember you can't eat your cake and still have it, so enough with your useless threats and I know tomorrow another unknown pantami colleague groups would come out and issue another threat to Igbos and I am not surprised even the quota system malami threaten Igbos on national tv.

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