Tuesday, June 22, 2021

 Why Igbos Must Support Ibom Republic

My heart was filled with joy when I watched the video about the Ibom Republic, I have been telling Igbos to go with 5 states and I was called all kinds of names, we and the Ibibios and Efik people have a lot in common and we would do very well as sister nations and I have always been saying it that I can live with them but I can't live with Ijaws and Ikewerres never

The map below shows how Igbos can get access to the sea so with the Ibom Republic we would have freedom of navigation to the Atlantic and we have no business with the Ijaws and the people of Ibom Republic would be allowed to use our land access and in fact, there would be no visa required between both countries.

As an Igbo man, I fully support the Ibom Republic and all Igbos should do the same as well, if Ijaws want to remain Fulani slaves they can but trust me other tribes would have their own Republic, the time for games is over.

I must appeal to the Ibom people to fight for their Republic with their life and they should not accept any bribe from anyone like the Ijaws have done and I am always saying it the only people really holding us hostage is the Ijaws, if only they can stop being slaves, you see Asari collecting billions from the Fulanis, all they have to do it stop the flow of oil and watch how Nigeria would break and when you ask them they tell you they want resource control and they don't want Nigeria to break and I ask are these people alright? how about freedom so you can control everything yourselves.

As I have always said Igbos don't need the Ijaws and I thank God for the Ibom Republic now the Ijaws would wake up and decide on what they want, fight for the Ijaw nation or continue to be Fulani slaves and keep on crying at NDDC gate.

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