Saturday, June 26, 2021

 Why Nnamdi Kanu Cant Betray Ipob/Biafra

You know if Nnamdi Kanu started ipob as a business to extort Igbos like some people claim well, him Don buy market now because ish is real now and he can't back out and he can't betray the struggle because if  he does ipob themselves would throw him down from a building and this was why he could not collect bribe, because of ipob justice and this was why he was able to break away from Uwazurike because the people were tired of the daily stories, they needed another ojukwu, a lion that can roar and not a sheep,

So blood has been shed and even Kanu himself have lost blood and you people do not have an idea of how it feels when you lose someone so close to you, I mean 28 people were killed at the man's house that alone would turn me into Osama Biden and remember they were unarmed and in fact I can even go to the ICC so the ICC can explain to me why you would kill 28 unarmed people at my house and tell me not to  Avenge them? Kanu now has blood in his eye and the Fulanis' only mistake was not killing Kanu and they ended up creating a monster like them that would finally defeat them and why do you think they piss in their pants when they hear Kanu.

So the Biafran struggle on the ipob side now is more than Kanu and he dare not take any bribe or mess up because blood has been sacrificed and it is no longer a joke, we are In FARC rebel mode

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