Friday, June 11, 2021

Why The Yorubas Must Change The Name Of Murtala Mohammed Airport

The Fulanis can change the name of Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja I don't care, Abuja belongs to them and if you doubt me, mention the name of a Yoruba or Igbo minister of the FCT, none, so they can do what they like, This generation of youths are wide awake all over the world, they are pulling down statues of mass murderers and slave traders, and killers.

If statue  King Leopold the man that killed and looted Congo can be removed from Belgium why can't we change the name of the Lagos Airport, it is a shame that the Fulanis hid history in our schools because how would a serious people support the name of a genocidal maniac a man that massacred women and children at Asaba.?

Murtala Mohammed was a terrorist and a murderer and a genocidal maniac who does not deserve any public institution named after him. We must thank Dimka for eradicating that terrorist of a man from the face of the earth.I would not write too much all you have to do is read about Murtala Mohammed and the Asaba massacre this man killed unarmed innocent people.

The airport must be named after Sunday Igboho like it or not he is a true hero that liberated his people and yes they are liberated already because Nigeria is no longer a country, please don't tell me because he can't speak English, the president of Korea cant speak English and many other leaders.

The name Murtala Mohammed should be eradicated in the south and in Yoruba Land, else we go down in history as the people that gave the platform for a mass murderer to be remembered, and the only legacy Murtala Mohammed have is genocidal acts against unarmed innocent civilians, don't believe me use Google.

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