Saturday, June 26, 2021

 Yoruba Nation, Mc Oluomo Thug Threatens To Rape Activist

I came across a video online I speak Yoruba so I listen to yoruba shows and my favorite Yoruba nation activist is koiki media this Yoruba woman activist called yeye dara on Facebook and she was talking about mc Oluomo and I wrote about mc oluomo here and other tribes that don't know mc Oluomo he is the famous lagos thug of Tinubu in Lagos and he is the chairman of nurtw in Lagos

You know there is an upcoming Yoruba nation rally on July 3rd in Lagos and there have been threats from mc Oluomo thug warning those activists not to come to Lagos and I ask does mc Oluomo and Tinubu own Lagos, yes I know Tinubu controls Lagos now but he does not own Lagos, we have some real Lagos men like Bode George you know their names

The reason why I am writing this is because of what happened when Yeye Dara was having her show, a thug from mc Oluomo camp called and threatened to deal with the woman and even threatened to rape her and you can watch the video yourself and understand, I think mc Oluomo thugs have gone too far and nobody should threaten a woman with rape and if he can be found he should be tried because he is a rapist, I am so pissed now.

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