Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 Yoruba Nation: Sunday Igboho Has Written His Name In Gold

Never in modern-day Yoruba history have we seen someone like Sunday Igboho, maybe Gani Adams was like this but I can't really remember, I am watching Sunday Igboho now and I see the fire in his eyes, no going back on Yoruba Nation he said and I am amazed for the first time in history we have defeated the Fulanis without firing a single bullet.

I wonder what is going on in Aso Rock and what the Fulanis are saying about Sunday Igboho before the Fulanis would have arrested Sunday Igboho but they are scared because they are surrounded they can't fight on multiple fronts they know if they arrest Sunday Igboho everywhere would go up in flames.All we need now is for the people in the middle belt to stand up and a man like Kanu or Sunday should rise up and fight for his people.

Sunday just said Biafra is gone, I am filled with happiness and joy and he said something that got my attention now, how come the Fulani have access to CBN and they buy dollars and sell to us at black market rate and nothing is done. Sunday Igboho destroys Adeyinka Grandson he described him as a man chained abroad and a lunatic with mental issues.

I was not wrong when I decided to support Sunday, the first time I heard him speak I was captivated and I knew he was the one to set the Yoruba people free,All I can say Igbos support Yoruba nation and Sunday Igboho

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