Monday, June 7, 2021

 Yoruba Nation:Imagine  If Tinubu Supports Yoruba Nation

If you follow the politics of South Western Nigeria you would agree with me that Tinubu is the kingmaker in Lagos State and the man has got weight in the southwest and he is influential in the southwest, we all know the man Tinubu wants to be the president of Nigeria and he supported a dictator because of his selfish interest and history would never forgive him for that, I am sure Tinubu and Buhari had a verbal agreement even though it might not be on paper come on people do you think politicians do things without personal gain, do you think Tinubu supported a dictator because he believes in Buhari, no politics is a game of interest and I believe they had an agreement, I would support you and after your term, you would also support me to become president because how else would Tinubu support a failure like Buhari a man that failed in 1983.

The problem of our people is that we don't learn from history, how on earth would Tinubu trust the Fulanis? I have written about how the Fulanis love to use people and then dump them here and the same thing is playing out with the case of Tinubu because we all know the Fulanis would never hand over power to Tinubu because they know Tinubu is smarter than them and he can not be controlled by the Fulanis so take it or leave it the Fulanis would never allow Tinubu to be president.

The agitation for the Yoruba nation has been growing and get stronger and even Sunday Ighoho said it himself that Tinubu would be president of Yoruba nation and I thought about it, what is in Nigeria that Tinubu is really after, in my own opinion only a mad man would want to take over from Buhari, the man destroyed Nigeria and we all know Nigeria can never be fixed and the only option is to break up Nigeria.

Imagine if Tinubu comes out today and announce that he is for the Yoruba nation, trust me there would be jubilation across Yoruba land and the Yoruba people would back Tinubu and the Fulanis can't do anything to him, and in fact, I would vote for Tinubu as Yoruba nation president as an Igbo man born in Lagos I have the right to vote, Tinubu can become the president of Yoruba nation and the whole Yorubas would support him so at least so they can be free from the Fulanis.

Tinubu should forget about any dirty thing the Fulanis have on him and if he declares for Yoruba nation today the Yoruba people would unite and they would fight the Fulanis, Tinubu should think about his legacy and remember most of his investments are located in the southwest, Tinubu should be a man and support the popular demand of the people because the Fulanis would never allow him to be president.

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