Friday, July 23, 2021

17 Billion Stolen: We Need To Start Educating People Supporting One Nigeria

I think they don't know what is really going on, let's just pretend they don't and tell them, remember times are hard in Nigeria the 1983 failure already destroyed Nigeria

Most people can't afford data for deep research and many people are blind they can't see the handwriting on the wall, if a country can't give you 24/7 electricity after 60yrs that country is a failed country, how many more years do you need to know Nigeria is a dangerous jungle, a failed one.

 It could explode at any minute, don't let anyone sugarcoat it for you the country is gone, NNPC is broke, they looted it dry, do you know how much those criminals have looted and they are. still looting till tomorrow, the Fulani NPA thief that was used to remove GEJ stole almost 17billion naira, some countries would collapse if you steal that amount, These people have looted our future, so please educate those still supporting one Nigeria.

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