Friday, July 30, 2021

1966 Coup:Trust And Over Confidence Killed Ironsi And Fajuyi 

I watched this video below and I was surprised and overconfidence is bad and it would get you killed but paranoia would save your life.ironsi was too relaxed because he was innocent and he did not know about the coup that killed balewa. they should have been prepared for anything because Fulanis are always known to revenge

Remember Gowon also betrayed Ironsi and the same Gowon still went ahead to kill 5million igbos

Watch the video I was expecting tight security, with fajuyi as the leader of that area to secure it properly with undercover military  Yoruba men, look that killing of ironsi and fajuyi pushed this country backward for another 100yrs, those men were fine officers they are in the league of ojukwu, a refined man, not the war criminal Gowon and his gang of Fulanis.

I was expecting to see ironsi come with his own tight security when a major coup just happened, he had too many northerners around him even Buhari can't try such and overconfidence was the same thing that killed the war criminal Murtala Mohammed.

So overconfidence kills a man faster than a bullet, and I remember ironsi was warned but he didn't take it seriously because he got assurances from his good friend fajuyi, but I understand fajuyi, he didn't know those bororos can strike anywhere, he never knew that they can mess up in Yoruba land, look at what Fulanis are doing in our lands today, you leave your region and come and kill in ours 

In the end, I don't support what those revolutionary soldiers did, they could have just jailed them and I don't support what TY danjuma and his gang did as well, they could have just gone after the killers, instead, they left the killers and killed someone else

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