Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 Access To The Atlantic: Any Igbo Man That Beg The Ijaws Is An Idiot

I won't talk much just look at the map below and you can check it yourself, Igbos don't need ijaws to have access to the Atlantic, we can sail from abia to the Atlantic, nobody can deny us our right to navigate freely to the Atlantic and we have no problems with our akwa ibom brothers, ijaws should stay out of our path to freedom and you Igbo fools stop including Ijaws in Biafra they already told you fools that they are not interested, leave them I have been telling you, people, leave Ijaws alone you can't force them and I can't live in the same country with Ijaws and ikewerre, I can never forget the 1967 treachery don't blame me I am just smart.Ijaws must have Ijaw nation or Ijaw republic because niger delta republic is  dead and buried

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