Tuesday, July 20, 2021

 Allen Onyema:A Lesson To One Nigeria Igbos

I  just listened to how the Fulanis have destroyed Allen Onyema, they have grounded his planes for over 6months and they refuse to give him papers to get parts for his planes, they want to run him down finally and you can even see the stress on the man's face.

See how they are treating Dangote now compare with how they are treating Allen and remember a Fulani is in charge of the NSA

Even after serving the Fulanis, they refuse to make his business prosper and this man has been supporting one Nigeria since, look I won't type much

Igbos the only place that you can be free is in Biafra just like Israelis they are only free in Israel not in the USA and not in the EU, very soon they would run down onyema business we must work together as Igbos and ask for Biafra, we must be free to enjoy our true freedom, just imagine how Igbos would support onyema In Biafra, he would have a smooth ride no stress and he can deal with any company no Biafran government official would hinder him. Wake up

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