Friday, July 30, 2021

 As A Biafran I Am Against  Abba Kyaris  Extradition To The USA

First, listen before you start the ranting and barking like a dog with rabies, I hate the zoo and I dislike Abba kyari, I believe in the rule of law and I don't support the extradition of anyone, in Biafra we won't be extraditing any Biafran to anywhere, you are free to kidnap the person like Buhari but we won't extradite no Biafran.

By the way, if you think Fulanis would extradite their own then you must be slow, Fulanis are not as foolish as southern Nigeria, they won't EXTRADITE kyari, not in 1 billion years

What gives the USA court the right to arrest a citizen of another country? Iraqis should demand George Bush be extradited to Iraq, We are wiser now.

I wrote about kyari here on July 11, so read and understand you would see that I dislike kyari, I don't like the man because he is a killer and a corrupt fool, but I am against any form of extradition, the USA can tell Interpol to arrest him outside the borders of the zoo.

Do you know the USA does not support the international criminal court? Do you know the USA is trying to punish Julian Assange because he exposed the American war crimes? The USA are hypocrites and I won't stand for it and I hope you see the way they are pretending like they don't know what is going on in Biafra and in 1967 they did nothing because they felt the zoo belongs to Britain.

Read my lips, Biafra as a country won't sign an extradition treaty with any country. we can only have a one time prisoner exchange with the North so they can give us IJELE so he can be tried for treason in Biafra and sentenced to prison if found guilty

Do you think the USA can extradite its citizens? Let the USA extradite the head of those oil companies that destroyed the Niger delta before we can talk of extradition. 

World powers are hypocrites, name one American, British or Russian that have been convicted by the international criminal court? None

As you already know I don't like kyari and I hate the zoo but I will stand for what is right, kyari should be sacked by and investigated and he should be in the DSS do dungeon and in fact, he should be kept in the same place with Nnamdi Kanu. 

The USA and the UK should start by extraditing all their war criminals and those that have stolen our oil wealth

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