Thursday, July 22, 2021

 Avoid People That Support One Nigeria Like Covid 19

Look, it is supposed to get to a point in a man's life when you say enough is enough and I always say it Nigeria is gone, I was born and raised in Lagos and I have a house in Lagos and I am boldly telling you that I want Biafra and Nigeria is dead.

Just look around you Nigeria is already a failed state, in a few month's time. We would be like Afghanistan and I have seen the handwriting on the wall already.

Food prices are rising and there are killings everywhere and people can't even travel by road anymore and you have no electricity for the past 60yrs do you need more 60yrs?

The North contributes nothing to Nigeria and they get everything and the people producing the oil only get 3%

I have a business in Lagos but I won't stay in slavery because of my business and our 1967 hero's and heroines must be ashamed of us they should not have died for us.

Please anyone supporting one Nigeria now needs to get his brain checked and I warn you  avoid anyone that tells you about one Nigeria and PVC, they are dangerous even more than covid 19, from today anyone Nigeria supporter is my enemy

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