Monday, July 26, 2021

 Benin Oppressing Esan: Now I Understand Why Kanu Want Everyone In Biafra

The aim of Biafra  is simple to liberate everyone, I watched a video by an Esan princess and I now understand that some tribes are oppressed, we really don't know what is going on, the woman is Esan and she is telling the Oba of Benin that Esan land is Biafran land[igodomigodo], I was shocked, I support 5Egbo states but that woman's video touched me, she is Esan and she says she is Biafran, watch the video yourself, who knew that the Esan people have been oppressed by the Benin people? Biafran simply means freedom, once Igbos leave, Nigeria would break into pieces, Biafra is freedom for everyone, so you can form your own country or be a part of us and we would all have equal rights, in my Biafra nepotism would be against the law 10yrs in prison, If you are a tribe suffering under another tribe please speak up

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